Dear all friends of Dobergaarden,

On July 22 – 23 2017 it will be possible to join a fantastic weekend with lots of fun as also a bit of seriously for your Dobermans and family.
The last couple of years we have played with the idea to gather as many of you as possible in order to train different things. That could be IPO or part of it (track, obedience and work with biting), ring training if you I want to join shows or rally obedience. We hope to have one of the best Dobermans (from our R-litter) in Norway in rally obedience to join this weekend to show us the discipline as also give advices for those who should be interested.
We will show you a dog from our Kennel that works on the highest level (IPO3) and as it is as per today has plans to participate in World Championship in need work for Dobermans in Italy in June.
We are also proud to present the National Champion of Denmark 2016 in PH (Club of Police dogs) in class of patrol who is also from the Kennel. This is the first time since 1987 that a Doberman has won.
It will also be possible to see and talk to the proudness of Dobergaardens Forever Athos who is one of the most and best price-winning Doberman in Europe that won the IDC World Championship of Dobermans in 2011.
You will have the possibility to ask for advices if you have issues with your dogs. A veterinarian will give general as also race specific advices and off course answer our questions.
We have entered an appointment with a chiropractor who will tell us about items with our dogs that we should be aware of. At the same time the chiropractor will perform a “walk-through” of a dog and threat the problems with the hands and acupuncture.
A fun competition will be held where family, children and dogs can participate.
It will be possible to join a walk where all the dogs can join as together.
We are still working on more features and ideas / suggestions are welcome.
Our Serbian painter, Predrag Radosevic, will also visit us in this fantastic weekend. He will show paintings and it will be possible to place orders. He is able to paint almost everything.šević-Predrag-450249358351351/
I have a request for all of you who already have paintings of Predrag; if possible kindly bring your paintings and we are able to provide a gathered gallery which we can enjoy together.
In the evening a large grill is available and we hope you will join us for a cozy evening. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided both days. Price per participant for all meals is:
Adult: DKK 300
Children (8-12 years): DKK 150
Children (4-8 years): DKK 50
Children below 4 years: Free
Beverages can be bought at the site.

Accommodation is possible if you bring tent or caravan and we will be able to assist you to find accommodations nearby. Arrival is allowed from Friday evening.
In order to plan this fantastic weekend best possible we kindly ask you to reply on below mentioned questions:
• How many will participate (adults, children and dogs)?
• Accommodation; tent, caravan or assistance for accommodations nearby needed?
• Do you have any specific issues with your dog(s) where assistance is needed?
• Ideas / suggestions?
• Your phone number?
Kindly sent the answers not later than June 1st 2017 to:
Final program and instructions will be sent to you when registration has closed.

Many regards,
Hanne Lundahl.