About Us


Kennel Dobergaarden Forever is situated in the western Jutland, on a lovely farm between Varde and Ølgod. It is a unique place with many opportunities for people and dogs. It is probably no secret that Dobermann is my big passion that you will notice when you come to visit.

I grew up with this dog breed, and in adult life I have become more and more grip and absorption of this splendid and expressive dogs, which can be both a great training partner and also the best and most loving dog you can get. That it also is stunningly beautiful and grace fill completes’s just the picture of why I’m so in love with the breed.

I have over the years learned a lot of nice people to know with the same interest as I – in both Denmark and abroad. These are people that I have met at exhibitions throughout Europe and which makes it a great pleasure and certainly to a lifestyle too having to do with dogs. I also have sold puppies to most of the world. It results in the fact that I am offered overnight facilities connected to the many trips around and the various exhibitions by one of my friends. I am of course very grateful. The reverse is also true – quite often we get visits by foreign friends who are with us for several days – either to look at / buy puppy or who has already bought a puppy and just come back visiting the kennel and also perhaps to get some help with their training of the new family member. Occasionally, there will also be visits by skilled trainers in the kennel that with my son Pierre organizes courses and seminars for dog handlers in Denmark.

Pierre is graduated as working dogs figurant. He is educated in the German Shepherd Club called Schæferhundeklubben in Denmark, and is a daily figurant, and partly on our own training filed, and partly in Schæferhundeklubben in the neighboring town of Grindsted. He is also used in several other clubs, courses and seminars. He became in 2014 connected to The German Dobermann-Verein for 2 years, after which he can appear for various national samples incl. ZTP in Germany. Pierre has for some years private had a German shepherd, but now he’s gone 100% into training with a young Dobermann-male (Nero) from the kennel, showing very fine skills in work. Pierre has high ambitions with this dog.

I spend virtually all my time with the dogs. – When we have puppies I spend all the first 8 weeks with them until they are ready to leave home. I sleep in the same room, so I can keep an eye on them and take care of them and the mother dog. I am very focused on making them socialized in the best possible way and our puppies have always a great deal of confidence and courage in their mental backpack when they leave home. Since the relationship between you and your dog should last many years, it’s all about the dog must be comfortable and have confidence in you as its owner / handler. So I give my dogs the best possible upbringing and education before I use them for breeding – so I can lead the good genes to their offspring. My goal as a breeder is to make puppies that develop healthy, with good mentality and character, attractive appearance and good performance characteristics. My puppies will in their first 8 weeks get stimulation of all their senses, be indoor family members, and being made ready to leave home with a great deal of confidence and curiosity about the new world.

As a buyer of one of our puppies, you will find that we are always there for you and your dog. Before, during and after you get the newest member of the family home.

I am in close cooperation with kennel Grusholm v / Diana Bensen (www.grusholm.dk). She has taken over her kennel from her mother so therefore she also grew up with Dobermann and has many years of experience in the breeding of Dobermann. Diana is working with Pierre when it comes to the training of our own dogs, and she is also the one – together with a professional handler – who is responsible for the show training of the dogs and naturally Diana Bensen and the professional handler that appears at the shows. Diana is normally training partly in PH (Police dogs club) and partly in Dobermann club’s training ground in North Jutland (IPO training). She is a very experienced dog handler and has participated in many championships and has often won. She just became the dog handler of 2014 in Danish Dobermann club.

We agree that we want to make “the complete dog” – that is a dog that has it all, working dog, show dog, and not least the family’s best friend. We put great focus on health, and therefore we test our dogs for various diseases before they go to breeding and each time before mating.

We currently have 6 bitches in the kennel – 3 with me and 3 of Diana. In addition to this, we occasionally get a litter in collaboration with some of our buyers who want a litter on their bitches that we think are good to be bred and have obtained the results both of exhibition, medically and relation to the work that we make as requirements for the litter we do, but who do not want to be alone on the responsibility to have a litter of puppies at home as well as the sale. In this way we make usually 3-5 litters a year.

On the farm at home we have our own training field fully furnished with everything for IPO training. In addition, we have fenced areas where the dogs can be exercised and for playing, as necessary. The nature around the farm is also used extensively, both for cycling with dogs, track training and in the summer we like to go to the nearby lake and swimming with the dogs.

I speak as well English and German, so you are always welcome to call me and get a Doberman-talk on my phone +4522661119

You can also follow the news in the kennel on Face-book https://www.facebook.com/dobergaarden