Another great day for Dobergaarden Forever. Today some of our dogs were to Jut Championship Denmark.

Judge Michael Brandenhoff


We are very proud of the results they made. Congratulations to all owners 


DF Emiko pass the BH test. 
Owner : Diana Bentsen

DF Herkules Pass the BPB 
and became nr. 3 
Owner : Henrik Rønnest

DF Payton pass IGP 1 
and became Jut Champion 2019. 
Owner: Hanne Munkholm

DF Una pass IGP 2 
and became Jut Champion 2019 
Owner: Diana Bentsen & Hanne Lundahl

On first picture is Diana Bentsen with DF Una & Emiko
second picture is Hanne Munkholm & DF Payton
Third picture is Hanne Munkholm – DF Payton & Jugde Brandenhoff 
Fourth picture is Diana Bentsen – DF Una & Judge Brandenhoff 
Last picture is Henrik Rønnest & DF Herkules