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Results from DV Siegershow 2019

Judges T. Becht and H. Wiblishauser


Workingclass Black males
DF Corsanni EX4

Baby class brown males
DF Nemo VP1

Champion class brown Males
DF Uno EX1, r.cac, Vice Sieger brown males

Puppy class Black females
DF Narnya VP3

Youth class Black females
DF Karas EX4

Puppy class brown females
DF Naomi VP 1

Intermediate class brown females
DF Gorgeous Keyla EX1, R. CAC, Vice Siegerin brown females

Big Congratulations to Owners and Thank you very much to you and the handlers


The 1.6.19 (on the dog’s Day in Denmark) DF Hercules (DF Maximus – DF Caya Carisma) and owner Henrik Rønnest participated in the K9 Biathlon race organized by Lilleskov castle at Rosenholm Castle at Aarhus

It was a fun and different dog race where we came out on a 12 km route with obstacles such as raft, swimming, rutane path down the moat, down and up of streams, running in woods, above and below obstacles, crawling under nets, running in wheelbarrow with Hercules. Hercules is a very stabil runder, so we did what we could and ran the 12 km obstacle course in 1 hour and 21 minutes which gave us a 3rd place in the day. A really fun and different experience for both of us with good teamwork. Hercules loved it.


Thank you very much to Henrik Rønnest and Big Congratulation. You are doing and amazing job with Hercules