Judge: knut-s Wilberg(NOR)

Open class female EX1,R-CACIB DF SherryStar

Big Congratulations to owners

DF Sherry Star 26 month (PoR Sidor – DF Cika)

DF Catching Fox having a good time with little Emma in the sun

Judge Spruyt Dirk

Open class males

DF Supreme Rocky EX 1 CQ and Best Male 3


Working class males

DF Louis Ex1 CQ CAC CACIB, Norwegian Winner 2016 BOS

On the Day Louis gets two new Titles:
Norwegian Champion and Nordic Champion


Working class females

DF Quisha Ex2 CQ CAC

On the day Quisha gets two new Titles:
Norwegian Champion and Nordic Champion


BIG Congratulations to the 3 owners

Dobergaarden Forever Ugor 19 months

(Pride Of Russia Taymir & Dobergaarden Forever Grand Paris )

Judge Erodotos Neofyton, Cyprus


Junior class maleDF Xylon EX1 JCAC

Junior class female DF Yoshiko EX3

Open class female DF Rainbow Kenzi EX1

Dobergaarden Forever Catching Fox working in the woods

DF Bagheera In his new home 8 weeks (Prince von Nemesis – DF Grand Paris)


DF Blix In her new home (Prince von Nemesis – DF Grand Paris) 8 weeks

Judge: Inge Eberstaller, Austria

Junior class brown male DF Xylon V1 J.CAC and became junior CH of Austria on the day!

Junior class black female DF Yoshiko V3

Open class black female DF Rainbow Kenzi V1 CAC

DF Royal Saphire was no 8 out of 26 dogs in Elite Class.
She had 196 points out of 200 and a CAC

Big Congratulation to owner and super trainer Elin Pedersen