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News from From Sweden

Växjö International dog show 2016-11-05

Judge: Gunnar Nyman, DK


Dobergaarden Forever Sherry Star BOB,CACIB

DF Rainbow Kenzi Open class EX2 CQ 2nd best female R-CACIB

BIG Congratulations to owners

News From Denmark

International CACIB and Danish Winner Show in Herning DK 05.11.2016

Judge Hanne Laine Jensen, DK


Open class males
DF Rocky Exc2


Open class females
DF Scarlett Ex2


Champion class females
DF Quisha Ex2, CQ, Res. CACIB and INTCH on the day

Big Congratulations to the owners

News From Norway:

Rally Obedience 05.11.2016 Norway
DF Royal Saphire was no 8 out of 26 dogs in Elite Class. She had 196 points out of 200 and a CAC

Big Congratulation to owner and super trainer Elin Pedersen

Danish Dobermann Championship 2016

Beginners Obedience:
DF Utah and Hans Jørgen Bentsen – No 2


Fpr2 (IPO 2 track)
Grusholms Nova and Ida Florence Ingbrand – No 1 and Danish champion 2016




DF Quicha and Diana Bentsen – no 1 and danish champion 2016