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Results from Danish Dobermann Winner Show 30. september 2018

Judge: Trond Are Karlsen


Baby class males
DF Jakeem VP1, Best Baby/ Puppy BOB 
DF Koda VP2

Youth class males
DF Idaho EX

Open class males
DF AJ Jabba EX3

Baby class females
DF Karas VP1

Youth class females
DF Emiko EX1, CQ, Youth CAC, 2. Best female and became Danish Junior winner 2018
DF Gorgeous Keyla EX3, CQ 

Open class females
DF Xina EX1, CQ

Working class females
DF Yoshiko, EX1, CQ, CAC, BOB, Danish Winner 2018. And she became Danish Champion on the day

Veteran Class 
Grusholms Nova, EX1, CQ, Veteran CAC. Club.CAC 

Congratulations to Owners and too our beautiful handler Nastia.



13 years in a row in final on the International Championship for Dobermann . This year we got 4 with out of 6 dogs .

Results from IDC Slovakia 2018

Judges: Hans Wiblishauser (D), Rudi Killmaer (D), Anna Tits (RU), Gabriela Ridarcikova (HU)

Intermediate class Black males
DF Corsanni (Tahi-Reme Max – DF Cika) EX3 (10 dogs In class)
Owners Su and Frank Fosse

Youth class Black females
DF Emiko (Kronos del valle de los Aguilas – DF Quicha) EX3 (31 dogs In class)
Owner Diana Bentsen

Open class Black females
DF Athena (Bentley z Paduko – Nyx di Altobello) EX2 (31 dogs In class)
Owners Diana Bentsen and Hanne Lundahl

Open class brown females
DF Xina (POR Taymir – DF Cika) EX1 (14 dogs In class)
Owners Diana Bentsen and Hanne Lundahl