Danish Winner Show 3. Nov. 2019

Judge Barbara Müller CH


Another nice Day with great results. Thank you to Owners and handlers Diana Bentsen, Ksenia Hryhoriea, Nicole Kl and Madeleine Steen for super presentation of the dogs. Also Thank you also to Jan Thorning

Kind regards
Breeder of Dobergaarden Forever, Hanne Lundahl

Baby class males
DF Quattro VP2

Intermediate class males
DF Jakeem EX1, CQ, 4. Best Male

Youth class females
DF Lafiet EX1, CQ, 4. Best female and Danish Junior Winner 2019
DF Narnya EX3
DF Naomi EX4

Intermediate class females
DF Karas EX1, CQ, Res. CACIB 2. Best female
DF Joyce EX3

Working class females
DF Emiko, EX1, CQ, CACIB, BOS, Danish Winner 2019 and Danish Breed Winner 2019