DV Siegershow, 2018

Judges:N. Daube, A. Hoppe

Champion class Black females
DF Xanthee, EX1, CAC, DV Siegerin 2018, and VDH and DV champion on the Day

Puppy class Black males
DF Icarus VP2

Puppy class brown males
DF Idaho VP1

Open class brown males
DF Uno EX2

Puppy class Black females
DF Irish VP2

Youth class brown females
DF Gorgeous Keyla EX3

Open class brown females
DF Xina EX3

Big Congratulations and Thank you to Kerstin Hartmann-von OlbergMadlen Steén, Maria Ljungströmer, Diana BentsenHans Jørn Bentsen and Zoran Jojkic.

Without you this would not be possible