Results from MyDog Day 1 In Sweden

Judge: Terje Lundström

Intermediate class males:
DF Jakeem EX1, CQ, BOS
Owner Dobergaarden Kennel

Workingclass males
DF Corsanni EX1, CQ, CAC, 2. Best male, Swedish Champion on the Day
Owner Frank Fosse

Intermediate class females
DF Kachmir, EX1, CQ, 3. Best Female
Owner Jonas Ollson and Linn Stensrud

Open class females
DF Gorgeous Keyla, EX1, CQ, BOB
Owner Madeleine Steen

Working-class females
DF Emiko, EX1, CQ, 2. Best female, Swedish champion on the Day
Owner Diana Bentsen

Breeders group
Best Breeder: The Judge wrote: “4 combinations with very harmonic class.
Well constructed individuals with beautiful heads and all-important breed specific details.
Congratulations to a very good breeders job”

Big Congratulations to Owners and handlers