This is DF Rhea Rihanna

(PoR Saphron – DF Caya Carisma)

sending from Lithuania. Today we went for some sight-seeing and again we made a little Photo shooting . We looked at some walls with grafitti – to be honest I didnt like the Big faces, but Hanne told me to sit down, so of cource I did what I was told. We went to the river to play a little chess me and Christian, but the chess pieces were gone, so I ordered two beers for us .
In the Amusement Park I tried a carousel, and had a little talk to a white horse.

Some more Photo shooting by the river, a little chat to some pointer dogs and then home. Poor Christian was very tired, so now I am lying here next to him, while he is asleep.

Tonight I am gonna meet my Big love Livonja Baron Amber Amulett . He is such a handsome guy and I am sure we’ll have some beautiful puppies

Over and out for today