Felix Pachon


My name is Felix Pachon, I am the breeder/handler/trainer of the upcoming Proving Ground
Kennels based out of Arizona, USA. I am also the proud owner of Dobergaarden Forever Athena
and Dobergaarden Forever Akischa, both females out of the Dobergaarden Forever “A” Litter.
Athena arrived in USA at the young age of 2 months old and has been in training since day one,
I have been proactively working with her in the American K-9 sport called PSA. PSA consists
of obedience and protection and it is based around surprise scenarios for the dog, the decoy wears
a bitesuit in the courage test and the attack on handler, and a hidden sleeve on the car jacking.

The reason we decided to train in PSA and not one of the more traditional K-9 sports is because we feel
that PSA truly tests all of the qualities needed in a good working dog, and it is based around
real-world scenarios which ensure that my Dobermanns aren’t just good sport dogs but also real Personal

Protection dogs. We also train in Narcotic and Explosive detection with an Afghanistan veteran
which gives me and my dogs a great insight in the world of K-9 scent detection. I was very lucky to have
found Hanne and her kennel to provide me with the right Dobermann for the job at hand, Hanne understood
exactly what I was looking for and truly exceeded my expectations with the Dobermanns she picked for me.

Everything that I wanted in a world-class Dobermann was presented to me in
the form of Athena and Akischa, amazing conformation with incredible drive and solid nerves.

We plan on sending Athena back to Europe to be bred with one of the best and most suitable studs for her once she is fully titled and health-tested, so expect great things from
Proving Ground Kennels in the years to come.

Athena’s results:
For 2009:
Junior American Champion
Junior International Champion
Southland Summer Sieger 2009 SG1 x 4
For 2010:
International Desert Sieger


Felix Pachon
Proving Ground Kennels