Results from this weekends ZTP and Grand Prix Show in Denmark 2019

Judge Thomas Becht, DE
Helper Pierre Lundahl DK


Thank you to all of you, visitors, Judge, Puppy byers and my handlers Zoran Jojkic and Madeleine Steen,

Baby class males
DF Poseidon VP1, Best Baby
DF Perry VP3

Puppy class males
DF Novak Ace VP1
DF Nemo VP2

Youth class males
DF Jakeem EX1, CQ, Jun. CAC, 2. Best male and passed ZTP V1A

Puppy class females
DF Naomi Vp1 ,Best Puppy
DF Narnya VP2

Youth class females
DF Lafiet EX1, CQ, Jun. CAC, 3. Best female
DF Joyce, EX3, CQ
DF Mon Cheri EX4 CQ

Intermediate class females
DF Karas EX1, CQ, BOB
DF Graci, EX2, CQ
DF Gorgeous Keyla, EX3, CQ

Open class females
DF Athena EX2, CQ
DF Xina, EX3, CQ

Workingclass females
DF Emiko, EX1, CQ, CAC and. Passed ZTP V1A

DF WU SHU passed ZTP V1A
DF Chunhua passed ZTP V1B